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Lost childhood

Street children, street kids or street urchins are homeless children who live on the street in particular, those that are not taken care of by parents or other adults. Street children live in abandoned buildings, containers, automobiles, parks, or on the street itself. Street children exist in many major cities, especially in the developing countries, and may be the subject of abuse, neglect, exploitation.

The reasons by which children abandon their homes are varied. The first include extreme poverty, severe family conflict, abuse and neglect, or parental abuse of alcohol and drugs. The other factors include a perceived freedom in the streets, and a better way to provide for themselves. In short, the child feels he has a better opportunity on the streets than in a home.

The Republic of India is the second most populous country in the world. An estimated 400 million are children between 0 and 18 years of age. Although acceleration in economic growth has made India among the 10 fastest growing developing countries, the country’s per capita income remains low and 26 per cent of the population live below the income poverty line. [Re. GVNET]

India has the largest number of child labourers in the world. There is widespread poverty, unemployment, increasing rural-urban migration, attraction of city life and a lack of political will to address the increasing numbers of children on the streets. Street children are subject to malnutrition, hunger, health problems, substance abuse, theft, as well as physical and sexual abuse. [Ref. CSC-UK]
90% of street children are working children with regular family ties who live with their families, but are on the streets due to poverty and their parents' unemployment. The remaining 10% are either working children with few family ties who view the streets as their homes or abandoned and neglected children with no family ties. [Ref. NCBI]
Public places in major cities across India share a common tragedy. A tragedy called 'lost childhood'. On any public transport hub (railway station, bus station etc.), children begging, doing odd jobs, sleeping etc., is a common sight. The purpose of our exercise is to stop feeling sorry for the children and take relevant steps to address their problems.
These children are on the street when they should be going to school. They should be eating healthy food in place of the scraps they are able to put together. They should be cared for instead of the abuse they are subjected to. Platforms, benches etc. are not a substitute for a homely bed.

First and foremost to ensure that, the children who are 'trapped' on the streets have an access to their rights and possibility of availing basic Amenities like food, clothing, shelter, education and viable and sustainable career option in the long run.
Orphans / destitute children are living in most pitiable conditions not on their own choice or faults. They are gifted by the Almighty by the same physical powers and intelligence as other individuals. As such, given a chance or an opportunity they can be important members of the society and contribute in its healthy growth. With such factual background Care and Compassion – Goa has been formed as a responsible part of the society to meet the above cited needs in the form of a Trust.

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