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Medical care provided at Care and Compassion, Goa

Regular routine check-ups are done by Private qualified Doctors in the Compassion Home or Clinic. They are given trearment according to the prescriptions.

Children are also taken to Goa Medical College Hospital for normal sickness and emergencies. Case papers are made for all the children in their respective Departments of treatment.

  • Regular first aids are given to all the children.
  • D-worming is given twice a year according to doctor's advice.
  • One of our girl child had some skin problem, so for the last one year she has been under treatment by a skin specialist in Goa Medical college Hospital. She was also admitted once for about 20 days and was under Doctors supervision.
  • All Medical expences are taken care of by the Compassion Home. Regular Tonics are also given to the sick children.

All the Children were taken on a regular basis to Goa Medical College Hospital and Panaji Health Centre for their treatment.

EYE TESTING: We had Eye Testing for all the Children and Staff this year. Three Children and one Staff were asked to wear glasses. They have to use it regularly.

Dr. Dhespande came to our homes and had medical check up for all our Children and prescribed some medicines for some of them and they are under treatment. Generally all are doing well health wise.

The Child Rights in Goa also came to our homes to have a medical Card made for every Child and medical check up was done by private Doctors.


Dental Care provided at Care and Compassion, Goa

  • A private Dentist gives her free service to all our children in her dental Clinic and then necessary treatment.
  • We also take our children to Goa Dental College gor further treatment.

Special Medical Camps were held for the Children and Staff a few occasions this year. One was done at the Manipal Medical Clinic in Panaji organised by the Manipal Hospital, Dona Paula and all the children were treated by several Doctors and given medicines. They were also given a nice Lunch treat at Hotel Fidalgo by them.
There was a recent Medical Camp organised by the Country Inn Hotel & Suites at Panaji on the 28th of May for all the Children and Staff in their hotel conference room. The Doctors spoke to the Children and then checked them and gave medicines and tonics. They were also checked for their eye and then given a good snacks and tea party by the Hotel. It was a very good and useful time as all the Children and Staff were tested and examined by the Doctors. Thanks to all the organisers who made these medical camps happen.

The Children had two medical camps organised both in home.

One was a general Check up camp that was done by Dr. Fredrick for all the Children.

The other was a Dental check up camp that was done by the Students of the Dental College, Bambolim, Goa and Dr. James Samuel Professor of Goa Dental College, spoke to the Children and advised them.

Dr. Anita Spadigam, the Dean of Goa Dental College, Bambolim, Goa came and had a power point presentation for all the Children and Staff on Dental care. It was a time of interaction for all the Children and a learning time for them.

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