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Sponsorship for charitable institution in Goa

BASIC EDUCATION: You can help a child to get basic education for a year by contributing money towards educational expenses.

MEDICAL CARE: The Children in Compassion Home are quite healthy but normal ailments do arise and a good medical doctor’s fees and prescribed medicines cost often exceed the Home / Orphanage's budget for medical aid. We need a separate sponsorship funds to cover the costs of medical examinations, prescription and general medications, eye glasses, dental work, and even special dietary needs. Unfortunately, without sponsorship fund, these needs are often not met.

CLOTHING NEEDS: The children’s needs are very basic. They require sufficient and clean clothing to cloth themselves. Since they are all growing children, they outgrow from their old clothes and hence there is a regular need for new size clothes. Your contributions can be in cash or in kind. Send to us by parcel post any clothes you would like our children to have.

HOUSING NEEDS: Presently we are living in Rented premises. We are desperately looking out for a house of our own so that we could stay permanently there with many more children without any restrictions on us from the landlady. The children will also have more freedom to play around. We are looking for a land on which then we could build a nice building or if we are able to find a ready made home then we would decide. We need funds to buy the place so please pray for us and support us financially so that we can find a permanent home for the children.

GIFTS: The children in our Home / Orphanage home do not have families and relatives to shower gifts on them on their birthdays and festival days. Compassion Home accepts gifts in kind even if they are old. Gifts can even be in the form of children's clothes. Every month we celebrate some child’s birthday. Check out the Birthday calendar, to find out which child's birthday will be celeberated this month.

ENRICHMENT ACTIVITIES: We believe that every child is gifted with certain talents and skills. Only a healthy home environment can provide the right opportunities. Besides basic education, we encourage the children to take part in extra – curricular activities that will broaden their horizons. Your Sponsorship funds will give the child the opportunity of exploring and pursuing his/her talents and interests. We encourage art, music, dance, computer, languages, and sports activities as available. These funds will also be used so that the Children are able to take part in historical, cultural, educational, and recreational excursions.

NUTRITIONAL MEALS: At Compassion Home a balanced diet is provided consisting of Vegetarian and Non – Vegetarian dishes. Morning Breakfast, Afternoon Meals, Evening Tea & Snacks and Night Dinner are the daily routine. Special meals are arranged on all children’s birthdays and festival days. Help a child to get nutritional diet by contributing money towards yearly food expenses for a child.

ENTERTAINMENT :- The children at the Home / Orphanage Home of Care and Compassion are regularly provided up building and interesting mediums of entertainment to keep them in their spare time happy and joyful. Entertainment is provided in the form of healthy TV programmes, Outings to Bollywood or Hollywood movies, picnic events, Individual children’s Birthday parties etc.  Entertaining all the children, once in a way too involves heavy expenditure and these needs could be sponsored by someone.

SPORTS :- At Care and Compassion Home / Orphanage Home in Goa, all the children are encouraged to take part in sporting activities to their individual tastes and abilities. Regular sports such as cricket, football and athletic activities are encouraged through school or college events. Other in house sporting activities that are encouraged in the Home / Orphanage are basketball, chess, carom, trekking etc. For organizing some sporting events once in a way too incurs expenses and these can to be sponsored and taken care off.

Urgent Needs, we need 22 sponsor for all 22 children.

Sponsorship Amount
40 pounds per child every month
Rs. 3000 per child every month
50 Euro per child every month
60 Dollars per child every month

Yes I want to be a sponsor for Rs.3,000/-

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Sponsorship Application Form

Sponsor a child through Care and Compassion - Goa, an organisation dedicated to provide shelter, food and education to several orphan children in India.

Yes I want to become a sponsor for 30 pounds / Rs. 3000 / 40 Euro / 60 dollars per child a month.
Number of Children to be sponsored :
Duration in years and months :
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Send in your contributions by cheques / drafts / bank transfers payable to
"Care and Compassion - Goa".
Indian Friends:
Bank of India, Taleigao Branch, Goa.
S.B Account Number: 101210200007483

"Care and Compassion - Goa".
Foreign Friends:
The Federal Bank Limited, Panaji Branch, Goa.
S.B. Account Number: 13520100019522.



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