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Ph: 0044-1869-246472, 0044-1869-244793

KALJIT TRUST: Overseas Contact
This is a Trust we started in the year 2006 with the help of our overseas friends and well wishers under the leadership of Prince. The word Kalji is a Konkani word which means Compassion in English. The Trust is registered in the UK as a Charitable Trust and their registration number is: 1113880. The office address is: The Kalji Trust, P.O.Box 331, Biscester, OX26 9DL, England. The E mail Id, Phone No. 0044-1869-246472, 244793.
The following people are working for the Trust in the UK as Trustees to raise support for the work in Goa.

  1. Dr. Ian  McLenaghan, Professor in Physics
  2. Mr. Kevin Prior, Engineer
  3. Mrs. Maureen Prior, Chartered Accountant
  4. Mrs. Rowena Mills,
  5. Mrs. Cathy Bishop, Teacher

They are all into secular jobs and business but help in raising support for the work in Goa. They meet every quarter to discuss and plan about the work. Prince also joins them once a year for the meetings. Thanks to the wonderful people who are doing a great job of helping Prince and Sujatha in Goa. There are many others who are not Trustees but are involved in our work in England.
The Trustees also come to visit the work in Goa once in a year and bring other friends along to see the work. We thank God for the wonderful partnership that we have with these friends for the last several years.

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