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We are living in a Compassion less world, where people don’t care for what happens to others, they are concerned about themselves, very selfish and self centred. Sujatha and myself are concerned about these Children under our care.
COMPASSION: Means to be moved inwardly, from within, affection, pity and empathy. It is the deepest possible feelings we have for someone else. Today we use this term “From the bottom of my heart” means you are moved from the inside.

SYMPATHY: Means the capacity to share feelings or to share the same things.

Definition of Compassion is: Sympathy coupled with a desire to help.
SYMPATHY + DESIRE = COMPASSION. Not only enough to have sympathy on someone but we need to couple it with action to do something. So Compassion is sharing the feelings of others and possessing a desire to help them in their trouble.
We had sympathy for this first boy and the other Children and had desire to do something for them in action. We started with one boy in February 2003 in Porvorim for a year then moved to this home in 2004 with about five Children, today we have 22 Children in total. 14 Girls and 8 Boys.

Reverend Prince and Sujata
Prince and Sujatha

Mahatma Gandhi said: “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the Service of others”.
We are living in a very unsafe world. May we together work for uplifting, protecting, and safe guarding of all our Children in the state and country in any way possible. Let us become citizens who are responsible towards our children although they are not our own.



    Working for the upliftment of Orphan, Semi Orphan and Street Children all over Goa. Giving them Education, Food, Clothing, Shelter, Medical, Recreation, and Dignity. It is however sad that many young children are left as orphans by their own parents to grow in utter poverty and totally uncared atmosphere. Total neglect of physical needs and health slows mental growth and puts these helpless children not only in filthy surroundings but socially dangerous situations as well. These orphans and destitute children are living in most pitiable conditions not on their own choice or faults.

     We have started an organization called “CARE AND COMPASSION – GOA” to take care of these Children. The Girls home is Next to Bombay High Court, Altinho, and the Boys home is in Santa-Cruz, Goa.

Provide good food daily, given good education in good Schools and Colleges in Goa. Medical care is given to them. Their talents are being developed. We want the Children to be responsible individuals and contribute to the healthy growth of the society.
We have 22 Children in our Children’s home under our care, 14 Girls and 8 Boys, who live in different homes. We have 2 lady staff who live with them and take care of them. 2 Male staff live with the boys and take care of them. We have two cooks and a helper to do all the household jobs and a driver for our school bus and van. We have a Bus that takes all the Children to the Schools, Colleges and back home. We also have a Van that helps in the shopping, take sick children to hospital etc. Few of our boys have left us after living with us for about 7 years and now have found good jobs in the city. We have appointed a tuition teacher who helps in studies of girls. Some Boys and Girls have left to find jobs in Goa.

We have a land of 1700 sq. Meter  along with an old Portuguese house that is donated to us free of cost to build a home for the boys and girls and all the staff in Sarzora village, Salcette, Goa.  We are in the process of raising money towards this project. Once we start in this new home we can have many more Children and care for them.

Every Sunday we have different volunteers who come and have workshops like teaching Children art work, drawing, painting, canvas painting, card making, lamp making, bead chains, ear rings, bangles, etc.

We also give swimming classes for all the boys and girls at the Goa Sports Authority complex swimming pool at Campal, Goa.

We give Music classes for the Children who are interested and two of them play the Guitar and one plays the Organ. It is nice to develop the talents and gifts of these Children who are with us.

Swimming Classes are held for the Children at the International Centre, Dona Paula regularly by Coach Walter Mascarenhas.
Skatting classes are held on Sundays for the children by Nigel.
Sailing classes are held for the children at Dona Paula by special professional trainers.


    We do teach women to be independent and not depend on anyone. We give them free Tailoring Course and give them certificates after completion and they do get jobs to meet their needs. 8-10 women learn this course at a time, we have a teacher appointed to teach them.
    We encourage women who are mostly widows, and from very poor backgrounds. We also provide Sewing machines to those who are in desperate need and not able to buy one so that they can stitch and earn their living from home.
    We have 8 ladies learning Tailoring everyday in Shanti Nagar, Vasco from 3 to 6 PM. Babita is appointed as the Teacher there. Several ladies have completed their Free Tailoring course and got jobs in different places and the others have started their own business at home.
    Women empowerment projects.

  1. AMONG HIV+:

    We work among people who are infected with AIDS in Goa, we provide raw materials like old newspapers and teach them to make bags and they sell it is the market and get money to run their family.
    We also provide raw materials for them to make pickles, pappad, etc and they sell them door to door in different homes and get money to support their family. We educate them about AIDS are help them get medical help and support them on a regular basis. We also provide support for their Children in their Education and provide ration for their living.

    We have a day care centre for Children who do not have the privilege of going to School. We have a street Children’s club in the mornings and several Children are gathered together and some basic education is given to them, they also have some play time where there are toys, and then some eatables daily, they are there for a couple of hours in the morning. The Teacher who is appointed here takes care of this project.

    We have several Medical Camps in different slums in Goa. We provide free medicine, glasses, dental care etc in the slums of Chimbel. Work in other slums like Sangolda, Baina and Shanti Nagar are held to educate the people. Hygiene camps are held to educate people and keep surroundings clean. Guide them to Doctors and Hospitals in Goa. We also had a free Eye check up camp and distributed free medicines and glasses to those who needed. We gave about 60 glasses free to people in the slums. A Doctor friend came and devoted his time for the people in Goa. There were 120 people who came for this camp in the slum. Many who could not see were able to see after the free glasses were given to them.

We had the Mobile Dental Clinic from Good morning Lord have a medical check up for all the Children and Staff, some of them had their teeth extracted, fillings was done they also gave free medication to all the children who needed medicine.

The Charitable Trust was established in the year 2002 at Panaji, Ilhas, Goa, to take care of deprived children and give them all the care possible.

Mr. Prince Aaron Golden and his wife Mrs. Sujatha Prince came across several destitute children who were orphans and from broken homes. They had a vision and burden in October 1998 to do something for these children. So Prince and his wife started praying that God would enable them to start a home for these deprived children and give them the best in life like any other privileged child.

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