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About Care and Compassion, Children's Home / Orphanage in Goa

care and compassion, girls home
Girls Home
care and compassion, girls home
Girls Home Interiors
care and compassion, girls home
Girls Home Kitchen

The Boys Home: 

is a flat which has a big Hall, two big bed rooms with balconies,
two toilets and bathrooms.
All the rooms have tube lights, fans, emergency lamps in each room, fridge, washing machine, gas connection, Television, music system, Aqua guard for drinking water etc.
It is situated at the following address: Flat F1, First Floor, Valuz Apartment, Block A, Ubo Dando, Santa Cruz, Panaji, Goa.

The Girls Home:

It is a new Independent house located at Alto Santa Cruz, the girls started living in this new home from the 1st of November 2016 onwards, they like this house as there is a Hall, Four Bed Rooms for all the Girls and they have their privacy. Big dinning room, two kitchens, 3 Toilets and Bathrooms, one big store room, One back yard, and front garden with space for Children to play.

Presently the Girls home is located at the following address: House No.210, SBI Housing Colony, Bambolim Complex, Near Green Valley Restaurant, Close to Sai Ram, Alto Santa Cruz, Bambolim, Goa. 403202.


We have a land of 1,750 sq mt and an old house in the centre given as a free donation by a well wisher from Goa, which is in the name of the Trust based in Sarzora, Margao, Goa. We are now raising money to build a Children’s home for boys and girls. The plan is ready and we are just waiting for the money and the permissions for the construction. It costs us about 1 Crore and 40 lakhs to build a home for the Children.

Presently the children’s home is located at Altinho, near the Portuguese Consulate and exactly opposite the Mumbai High Court. This premises is acquired on rental basis on a renewable lease agreement of 11 months.

We are in the process of doing the planning and drawing for the work to start in our new land with the house for the Children. We have to raise about 10 lakhs for the moment and the rest will be informed later once we receive the exact figures.

care and compassion, girls home
Girls Home entrance
care and compassion, boys home
Boys Home


  1. To attend primarily to the needs of all children in India without any distinction as to community, caste, race, sex, language or religion.
  2. To promote the spiritual, intellectual, social and physical well being of children of all classes, creeds and communities.
  3. To strive for the health, welfare and upliftment of children and to take such steps as may be necessary for the upkeep, maintenance and welfare.
  4. To educate or assist in the education of children and for this purpose take all steps for the formation of appropriate forum and institutions and to acquire lands and buildings or develop places dedicated to educational and cultural progress of children.
  5. To render assistance, financial or otherwise to all institutions or organizations (or even to individual cases of children) which help the progress of children directly or indirectly.
  6. To strive for the amelioration of the conditions of destitute and orphan children with the primary object of saving and protecting children's life and interests.
  7. To take up the rehabilitation of orphaned children to protect their well being.
  8. To do all such acts as are necessary to help children from "Womb to Tomb" (as it were).
  9. To champion the cause of children in distress.
  10. To take such measures as are necessary to hekp children in need.
  11. To foster and develop natural love and affection amongst children and to take appropriate steps for the achievement of this objective.
  12. To nourish and develop the personality of children.
  13. To inculcate the spirit of co-operation and good citizenship amongst children.
  14. To create clinics, nourishment and health care centres for children.
  15. To create mutual understanding among children beyond national, religious, linguistic or other barriers.
  16. To guarantee at least a modicum of social security and environment for children.
  17. To impart vocational and technical training to children
  18. To build up a community of children and adults in a spirit of tolerance, respect for others with a positive feeling of solidarity and readiness to give mutual assistance.
  19. To contribute materially or immaterially to the solution for problems of children in general.

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